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Calculus takes active role in the field of computer-aided education of natural sciences. The most effective way of teaching and learning is applying native language, thus we created the Hungarian version of Derive and Autograph educational software and manuals.

We are the exclusive distributor of the Hungarian version of DERIVE mathematics educational software of Texas Instruments.

Currently 50 primary and secondary schools, as well as several academic institutes are Derive users in Hungary. This software is utilizable in every type and level of school, because it covers many fields of mathematics including algebra, equation solution, trigonometry, vector and matrix operations. Not only complicated and time-consuming calculations – integration, differential calculus, calculation of limit values and special functions, etc. – are performable as a child’s play with this software but you can accomplish easily analysable diagrams, 2 and 3 dimension graphs also based on results of calculations. The software is applied all over the world in the field of education, engineering and research due to various areas of mathematics covered.

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Our company is the exclusive distributor of the Hungarian version of AUTOGRAPH geometry and statistics educational software of Eastmond Publishing Ltd.

This educational software won the prize of the best educational software (2007, England). It is excellent, interactive, amusing software in order to help learning. It facilitates efficient, enjoyable teaching and provides visual experience. It helps in solving geometric problems, understanding calculation of probability and statistics, it improves not only expressivity but also spatial sight of students owing to the spectacular 2 and 3 dimensional way of representation. It takes advantage of interactive whiteboards and tablet devices, thus it’s utilizable admirably in educational institutes.

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Yenka natural sciences educational software of Crocodile Clips Ltd. provides powerful virtual labs which are ideal for science lessons, demonstrating concepts colourfully in a safe, accurate virtual world.

Yenka's design tools let us test our electronic projects, and PIC or PICAXE programs, and produce 3D PCB layouts for classroom manufacture. Yenka introduces programming in an engaging way, letting us control animated 3D characters using simple flowchart commands.

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EVIEWS econometric software of IHS Inc. offers academic researchers, corporations, government agencies, and students access to powerful statistical, forecasting, and modelling tools through an innovative, easy-to-use object-oriented interface. EViews offers a extensive array of powerful features for data handling, statistics and econometric analysis, forecasting and simulation, data presentation, and programming.

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