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Our company takes place at the software engineering market with our own developed web, SAS, Java and .NET based solutions as an individual application developer. We do unique software development for the business sector – generally small- and middle-size companies - according to their special needs, and also for governmental sector. Our Kidlongi is a good example of unique application developed, because it was used in National Longitudinal Growth of Children Examination Project.

We stand our ground even in the market of web-based applications, the online offer request page for Hofstaster Ltd., the pricelist refresher application for Siemens & Klein garage technological company, and several websites, which are examples for our individual developments.

We began to use MS .NET developing technology in 2002. Our first successful .NET project was finalised in the Hungarian Army at the end of 2002. Afterwards we began to develop our .NET based CMS system for a manufacturer company whose products are made based on unique specification.

Calculus is not only SAS system distributor but also SAS application developer. We develop economic applications and create statistical analysis with mathematical and statistical support based on the special needs of the customer.


Calculus Ltd.
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